Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Child Reporter Expresses himself through poetry at Koraput

Biswa Vijay Ansuman mahendra Sahu is a child reporter from Pujariput UP School in Koraput reading in Std.VI .He was the only child among scores of adults in Sadbhavana Sabhagriha at Koraput this evening attending the Poetry Recitation Session on the eve of celebrating Republic Day .He was attending the meeting with his father . He was the author of the poem and wished to recite in front of the audience . I was happy to see the confidence that was shining in the face of this little child reporter who was utilising the objective of making a child reporter out of each child . He received wide applause from the house . Great ..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dear Editor Sir ! Could you Come to our festival !

Dear Editor Sir ! Could you Please come to our festival in our village !

Anganwadi Centre & Our School are on the roadside

Anganwadi Centre and School are on the roadside in our village .Hence no space to play ...

Parents are not sending their Children to School

Parents are not sending their children to school and we have less number of Tubewells in the village says this Child Reporter from Malkangiri district

Please give teachers to Our School We have Two teachers for Eight Classes

More Teachers Please .We have only Two teachers for Eight Classes ! Voice of Child Reporter ...

Listen to Children where they feel Pain ....

Here is a collective voice narrating on the conditions that male children unhappy .Please listen to children .The reasons may be small but issue is serious .This was recorded in a workshop on communication for children being organized by Child fund India at Govindpally in Malkangiri district today.

They are significant for Children ...

There are many reasons for children to feel the pain which many a times adults think to be negligible .Here is a collection of voices by children of Malkangiri district who share their opinion on this issue .

Child Speaks on the Points of Pain in their life ...

Child shows the spot where children don't feel happy .Please listen to them. Here is a video where the Child from Malkangiri district shares the outcome of a collective work in the workshop conducted in Govindpally by ChildFund India on 17 & 18th January-2015

When do Children feel Unhappy ....Voices of Children

Children know the best about the factors and issues that affect them directly and indirectly .Today whole taking part in the two day long workshop on communication and child participation at Govindpally in Malkangiri district being organized by Child Fund India , children discussed the possible issues that make them happy and also make them unhappy .Please read them and listen yo their voices .

Please come to our School Garden - A Child Reporter's Invitation from Rural Malkangiri

In the tribal dominated rural Greater Koraput Children dont have complains of inadequacy always . They also appreciate good work by their teachers and also invite others to make a visit . Here is a letter that was written by a Child Reporter from Tankamunda , a remote village in Malkangiri district who invited the DEO to visit their school garden . He was so nice and innocent in his appeal ! He was taking part in the two day long workshop on leadership & Child participation at Govindpally being organised by ChildFund India today(17-1-15)

We have to walk five Kilometres to reach the nearest High School

When Children are given a Free hand to Communicate , they do wonders . Here is a letter written by a Child Reporter from a remote village in Malkangiri district to the District Education officer during a workshop by Child Fund india at Govindpally today

Learning to write Postcards by Children at Govindpally

Children learnt on the way to write postcards sharing their observations to different functionaries of the district .It was the second day(17-1-15) of workshop on leadership qualities in children being organized by ChildFund India at Govindpally .

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Summer Vacation Experiences by Children from Umuri in Koraput block

Children of Umuri had a lot of nice experience during the summer vacation . Here are some . Give claps while reading them .

Children of SSVM , Koraput on their Summer vacation Experiences

Here are some well narrated experiences of Children from SSVM , Koraput from this Summer Vacation . Please read them and encourage Children for their presentation

Experiences by Children of Debighat in Summer Vacation

Here are some Summer Experiences narrated by Children of JELC Primary School , Debighat in koraput block . Please encourage them by reading their writing

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Summer Holidays Experience by Children of SVBVP , Koraput

Children of Swami Vivekananda Banabharati Vidyapeetha(SVBVP) , Koraput too had rich and beautiful experiences during Summer vacation . Here are some experiences that were narrated by some children . Please read them and say Cheers to them for their each words of expression 

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Summer Vacation Experience by Children of Forest Colony UP School and Manabar High School

Children of Manabar Upgraded high School in Koraput block and Forest Colony UP School in Koraput shared their Summer Vacation Experience . Many were nice ones . Please read and bless them

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

More stories on Summer Vacation by Children of Koraput

Here are more stories of Summer Vacation being written by children from Saints Sachool , Police ME School , SE Rly. Colony UP School , Pujariput UP School in Koraput . There are many interesting experiences by children . Read and appreciate the creativity of children in trying to express them properly ..

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